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You want your employees brimming with productivity – whether they’re working from home or in the office, answering phones or responding to inquiries. This means empowering your people to connect with constituents and colleagues on any device, through any channel, from any location.

LinkedIP’s integrated cloud communications platform allows your team to easily connect with constituents and colleagues – whether at home, in the office, or on the go. Our message, video, and phone all-in-one platform lets you easily manage call queues, share files, transfer callers and log important interaction details. Your people will be ready, willing, and able to efficiently answer questions through any channel on any device from any location.


Modern communications allow you to do more with less. Just as landline home phones are household relics, on-premise phone systems for local government offices are outdated, expensive to maintain, and hard to move. Partnering with a cloud communications provider helps government agencies dramatically increase operational efficiency and flexibility, not to mention data security.

Need to move locations, change your current location’s footprint, or help employees to work from home? Modern cloud communications platforms make it easy to adjust in a budget-friendly manner, without the need to rewire or purchase new on-site hardware. Additionally, built-in security features monitor, detect, and protect organizational communications and data from the network to device level.

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