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FAQ Omnichannel

Questions and Answers About The Omnichannel Solution.


Improve Constituent’s Experiences, Employee Productivity and Operational Efficiency With an All-In-One Communications Platform.

Unified Communications


Local governments and governments agencies are continuously under pressure to increase services, do more with less budget and make sure every citizen feels safe, engaged and informed.  

That’s why flexible and cost-effective solutions are required to help government staff meet people’s need.  The 2020 pandemic taught that during times of crisis a streamlined channel of communication is essential.

Operations Efficient

A fully integrated cloud communications platform goes a long way toward improving public experience, outreach, and engagement – regardless of whether people are walking through yourdoor for in-person appointments or calling for information. Empower your team to engage with people from anywhere through any channel, so they can spend more time serving the public and less time wrestling with technology. In the process, you’ll make your citizens happier, employees more productive, and operations more efficient.

Unified Communications


Constituents want their questions answered and issues resolved as quickly and easily as possible. Local governments need to transform their citizen experience to ensure superior and responsive service for every constituent, every time – including during times of crisis.

This means fast, easy, and accurate answers on any channel, minimal caller hold times,and smart call routing that gets callers to the right person the first time.

Engage On Any Channel

Be available through phone calls, IVRs, web chats, SMS or even social media while minimizing transfer and hold times.

Answer Questions Faster And Accurately

Easily route interactions from receptionists to specialists for better customer experiences. Enable mobility so staff can attends from anywhere there is Internet.

Provide Seamless And Reliable Public Support

Support constituents expectations of a seamless digital journey from first contact to issue resolution.  Use data driven insights to provide differentiated services while building greater communities with confidence and loyalty.


You want your employees brimming with productivity – whether they’re working from home or in the office, answering phones or responding to inquiries. This means empowering your people to connect with constituents and colleagues on any device, through any channel, from any location.

LinkedIP’s integrated cloud communications platform allows your team to easily connect with constituents and colleagues – whether at home, in the office, or on the go. Our message, video, and phone all-in-one platform lets you easily manage call queues, share files, transfer callers and log important interaction details. Your people will be ready, willing, and able to efficiently answer questions through any channel on any device from any location.


Modern communications allow you to do more with less. Just as landline home phones are household relics, on-premise phone systems for local government offices are outdated, expensive to maintain, and hard to move. Partnering with a cloud communications provider helps government agencies dramatically increase operational efficiency and flexibility, not to mention data security.

Need to move locations, change your current location’s footprint, or help employees to work from home? Modern cloud communications platforms make it easy to adjust in a budget-friendly manner, without the need to rewire or purchase new on-site hardware. Additionally, built-in security features monitor, detect, and protect organizational communications and data from the network to device level.


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Unified Communications