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Privacy Policy

About This Privacy Policy

1. LinkedIP User’s Personal Data Processing

2. SiteVisitor’s Personal Data Processing – Cookies

3. Lead’sPersonal Data Processing – Sales and Marketing

4. Otherrecipients of the collected Personal Data

5. Retention of Personal Data

6. Personal Data Transfer outside of the European Union

7. Thirdparties’ links on the Site

8. Security

9. Yourrights and choices


11. Contact us

12. LinkedIP entities LinkedIP uses your Personal Data as a Data Controller – on its own behalf – in thefollowing situations:

If youuse LinkedIP product and Services that require an LinkedIP account (we furthercall you “LinkedIP User”), LinkedIP will process some of your Personal Data asa Data.

Controller under certain circumstances described below. An LinkedIP User is typically are presentative or an employee of LinkedIP’s Customer or of a prospect (acompany that is about to become LinkedIP’s Customer) who acts as our Customer’sagent. If you are an LinkedIP User, Sections 1 and 4-11 apply to LinkedIP’s processing of your Personal Data. Also, LinkedIP likely processes, acting as a Data Processor, your Personal Data for other purposes than those stated herein– for more information about such processing (as well as for exercising yourrights related to Personal Data Processing) you should contact the corresponding LinkedIP Customer – the Data Controller.

You simply visit the Site (we further call you “Site Visitor”) – without being logged into your LinkedIP account, in case you are also an LinkedIP User. Ifyou are a Site Visitor, Sections.

2 and4-11 apply to LinkedIP’s processing of your Personal Data.

You showed interest in LinkedIP’s product or services and agreed to be listed as acontact in our marketing data base (we further call you a “Lead”). Ifyou are a Lead, Sections 3 and 4-11 apply to LinkedIP’s processing of your Personal Data.

LinkedIPis a global service provider and, correspondingly, it collects Personal Data indifferent locations globally and from individuals across globe. Thus, differentprivacy (personal data protection)laws apply to LinkedIP’s usage of your Personal Data. LinkedIP strives to follow the highest standards of protection of your personal data, respecting, on the other hand, local differences in applicable regulation.

This PrivacyPolicy applies to LinkedIP’s processing of Personal Data globally. Unlessotherwise provided herein, all terms starting with a capital letter shall havethe meaning ascribed to them in LinkedIP’s Terms of Use.1.

LinkedIP User’s Personal Data Processing.
The Data Controller of LinkedIP User’s Personal Data is such LinkedIPentity,which is a contracting party to Customer to whose account your LinkedIPusageis linked. It is always one of LinkedIP’s entities listed here.

The table below indicates the different purposes your Personal Data, asanLinkedIP User, may be processed by LinkedIP as a Data Controller, as wellastheir different categories, the legal basis the processing is basedon,categories of their recipients and information about theperiod for whichweprocess your Personal Data for the particular processing purpose(retentionperiod). In addition to the purposes listed below, LinkedIP may alsoprocesspersonal data as required by applicable law.

Purpose and included processing activities:

You are invited to contact us via means provided in Section 10 hereof formoreinformation about the said categories of recipients. We do not store anybankinformation or credit details on our servers, provided that they are handledbya trusted third party independent and different from LinkedIP.

2. Site Visitor’s Personal DataProcessing – Cookies If you are a Site visitor, the Personal Data we process about you arethecookies.

The Data Controller of Site Visitor’s cookies is LinkedIP SAS, the identity and the contact details of LinkedIP SAS can be found in Section 12 here of. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers / trackers that are transferred to the device you use to access the Services via your browser. We may implementtwotypes of cookies: technical cookies and advertising cookies.We use technical cookies to facilitate your browsing experience (such assession cookies so thatyou do not have to retype your login and password whenyou connect to youraccount for example). They simplify your visit and enhanceyour experience ofthe Services. You can refuse the installation of technicalcookies in your browser settings. However, you acknowledge that this refusalcould prevent youfrom using the Services.
In addition, we also implement advertising cookies which result in thedisplayof targeted advertising on websites that matches your previous/currentbrowsingactivity. Advertising cookies enable the use of the retargetingtechnique whichis a marketing model purporting to propose tailored advertisementsto the enduser. As you browse on the Site, advertising cookies will be placedin yourcomputer so that we can understand what you are interested in. Ourdisplay advertising partnersenable LinkedIP to present you with retargetingadvertising on other websitesbased on your previous interaction with the Site.Our partners do not collect traditionalforms of personal information such asyour name, email address, post address ortelephone number but only your IPaddress and/or an advertising ID.The cookiesused by the Site arethe following:

If you click on the “Accept / Agree” button on the cookies banner uponyourfirst visit on the Site, you will be deemed to have agreed to the useofcookies by LinkedIP on your devices. In addition, the use of the Sitemayresult in the installation of certain cookies issued by thirdparties(communication agencies, audience measurement companies, socialnetworks,YouTube,etc.) that are not controlled by LinkedIP. These cookies aresubject to suchthird parties’ privacy policies.Thedefaultsettings for Internet browsers are usually set to accept cookies, butyou caneasily change Your browser’s settings. For more information please visit:http://www.aboutcookies.org/.

Please note that if you refuse the installation or use of a cookie,a”refusal cookie” will be installed on your device to trackyourrefusal. You need to ensure that you do not delete this cookie so thatyourchoice is taken into account. You may also use a cookie managementsoftware,such as the TarteAuCitron or TagCommander software. A list ofadditionalsoftware is also available on the French data protection authority(CNIL)website.

3. Lead’sPersonal Data Processing- Sales and Marketing Who is the Data Controller? Whenwe conduct our emailmarketing campaigns and outbound sales developmentactivities (email andcalling), as described in this chapter, all LinkedIPcompanies typicallyparticipate in them and act as Joint Controllers.Our emailcommunication will always include identification of LinkedIP companyleading ourmarketing activity in your region. Other LinkedIP companies and/oraffiliatesmay participate, based on internal agreement between them, in theProcessing ofyour Personal Data within our email marketing campaigns andoutbound salesdevelopment activities as follows: LinkedIP companiesparticipate in creation ofthe email communication content and design; LinkedIPcompanies share thetouchpoint for requests and complaints regarding the Processingof your PersonalData in relation to LinkedIP’s outbound sales development andmarketingactivities, whereby your requests and complaints are typically handledbyLinkedIP LLC; LinkedIP companies jointly administer and share database usedfor LinkedIP’soutbound sales development and marketing purposes; and Each LinkedIPcompanymay enter into agreement with LinkedIP’s business partner to enrich theshareddatabase.

How do we collect your Personal Data? If we contact you with an emailmarketingcampaign and/or as a part of our outbound sales developmentactivities, itmeans we have your contact details listed in our database forthese purposes.We collect contact details for our database from the followingsources:• LinkedIP’s internal customer database – If you are LinkedIP’scustomer, weautomatically add you to our database for email marketingcommunication, as webelieve that you are interested in news about LinkedIP’sproduct, services,events and other content.• Formson LinkedIP’s Site – Youhave the option to sign up for our email marketing
campaigns and outbound sales development activities via various formsonLinkedIP’s Site, including when you register for a webinar or event hostedbyLinkedIP or where LinkedIP participates, and including via support chat botonthe Site.
• Social networks – We may find your contact on a work-related socialnetwork,such as
• Campaigns co-organized by LinkedIP – We also receive your contact in caseyouparticipate in a marketing campaign co-organized by LinkedIP and itsbusinesspartner.
• Data enrichment tools and providers – Where local data protection lawsallowand where we find a reliable provider of a data enrichment tool and we mayalsoreceive some of your
contact details from these providers. Every provider used by Arcall forthispurpose is
subject to LinkedIP’s privacy team assessment to make sure we collect yourdataethically and in compliance with applicable laws.

Whatshouldyou do if you want us to stop contacting you as a Lead? You can findan”Unsubscribe” link in every email marketing communication sentbyLinkedIP. Using this link is a reliable way to make sure we do not contactyouwith marketing emails anymore. Please note that it may take us up to 3workingdays to process your “Unsubscribe” choice, whereas in themeantimeyou may receive other marketing emails from us. Thank you forunderstanding.If we call you as a part of LinkedIP’s outbound sales developmentactivities,you can at any time inform our outbound sales representative thatyou do notwish to be contacted in this way anymore. We will make sure not tocall youagain.

Which Personal Data do we use? When we process your data as a Lead, we use,allor just certain, depending on your particular case, of the followingPersonalData about you: name, email, phone number, company and jobtitle,region/country, IP address. We also use certain data about your company,suchas company size, CRM and the information on whether your company is anLinkedIPcustomer or not (use case).

How do we use your Personal Data? The table below indicates thedifferentpurposes your Personal Data, as a Lead, may be processed for byLinkedIP, thelegal basis the processing is based on, categories of theirrecipients andinformation about the period for which we process your PersonalData for theparticular processing purpose (retention period). Purpose andincludedprocessing activities:Pleasenotethat not all categories of data recipients necessarily apply to you,dependingmostly on how we collect your Personal Data as a Lead (i.e.LinkedIP’s providerof ticketing system will only receive your Personal Data incase you sign up forour marketing activities via chat bot on our Site).

4. Otherrecipients of the collected Personal Data Only our personnel, theservices incharge of control (especially: external auditor) and ourrecipientsubcontractors may have access to your Personal Data. Personal Datamay also bedisclosed in response to lawful requests made by government agenciesor publicauthorities, including public officers or debt collectionorganizations, tomeet national security, law enforcement or any other legalrequirements.Depending on where you are located, we might have to enforce localregulationsand requirements where the use of a local phone number requires tokeep userdetails (in particular, first/last name and address) in the event weshould receivean official request from a competent local authority.

5. Retentionof Personal Data
We retain the Personal Data where we have an ongoing legal bases to do so.Whenwe no longer have legal bases to process Personal Data, we will eitherdeleteor aggregate it or, if this is not possible (for example, becausePersonal Data has been stored in backuparchives), then we will securely storeit and isolate it from any furtherprocessing until deletion is possible. We mayretain Personal Data to complywith our legal or regulatory obligations. In anycase, upon ceasing or liftingof such obligations, Personal Data shall beremoved from our systems and records,as well as that of our subcontractors, ifany, or otherwise archived oranonymized so that they can no longer beidentified.

6. PersonalData Transfer outside of the European Union LinkedIP transfersPersonal Data tocountries located outside the European Economic Area, Switzerlandor the UnitedKingdom (collectively, “Europe”), namely to the United States.Personal Data canalso be processed by mere access by individuals workingoutside Europe who workfor us or for one of our trusted service providers(Data Processors).We haveimplemented suitable safeguards designed to transfer Personal DataoutsideEurope in a secure manner and in compliance with the applicableregulations,most significantly with the GDPR. We also require the importers ofthe PersonalData to comply with, above all, security requirements of the GDPR.

We executeappropriate contractual arrangements to deal with such transfers,namely thestandard contractual clauses adopted by the Commission of theEuropean Unionand, following a thorough assessment, additional measures asrequired byEuropean Data Protection Board’s (EDPB) Recommendation no. 1/2020. You are invitedto contact us via means provided in Section 11 hereof for moreinformation inrelation to the said safeguards. LinkedIPalso keeps monitoring thelegislative development and latest guidance inrelation commits to cooperatewith EU data protection authorities (DPAs) andcomply with the advice given bysuch authorities.

7. Thirdparties’ links on the Site Our Siteand Services may include links to and from the websites of ourpartners,advertisers and affiliates. If you follow a link to any of thesewebsites,please note that these companies have their own privacy policies andthatLinkedIP is not responsible or liable for any use of Personal Data by suchthirdparties. We recommend that you check their policies before you visitthesewebsites.


We undertake to implement precautions, as well as organizational andtechnicalmeasures, designed to maintain the security, integrity andconfidentiality ofPersonal Data, and in particular to help prevent them frombeing modified ordamaged and stop any unauthorized third party from accessingthem. As anexample, our employees’ accounts are secured by strong passwords,and they areall bound by confidentiality obligations. All our data is encryptedboth intransit and at rest. If you are LinkedIP User, please see our Information Security FAQs here for more information about how your personal data isprotected whenyou use the LinkedIP product.

9. Yourrights and choicesIn any case where LinkedIP processes your Personal Data as a Data Controller,you have the following rights:

To access and obtain a copy of Personal Data that we process; To rectify thePersonal Data if inaccurate or outdated and/or supplement themif incomplete; Toobject to the processing of Personal Data that is based onlegitimateinterests;To erase Personal Data and to be forgotten;Towithdraw your consent, at any time, to any processing of yourPersonal Data thatis solely based on your consent; To portability you have theright to move, copyor transmit Personal Data relating to them; To restrict orlimit the processingof Personal Data; To set guidelines to organize the use ofPersonal Data aftertheir death. Dependingon where you are located, you may have additional rights related tocalls orother communications you place or receive using LinkedIP services.Note that inthe United States, only LinkedIP Customers – and not LinkedIP EndUsers – areentitled to invoke or waive restrictions that apply to LinkedIP’suse anddisclosure of customer proprietary network information under 47 U.S.C.§ 222. Inthe event of any dispute, claim, question or disagreement arising fromorrelating to this Privacy Policy or breach thereof, you may lodge acomplaintwith a supervisory authority, be it your local authority or the CNIL. Withoutprejudice to your said right, we invite you to first seek anamicableresolution thereof by contacting LinkedIP in writing, stating thegrounds ofyour complaint and providing any supporting evidence.

10. Amendments
We may amend the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time. If You donotagree with the amended version of the Privacy Policy, you should stop usingtheServices or respectively stop visiting our website. All amendedtermsautomatically become effective on the day when a new Privacy Policy ispostedon the Site.
Should we add new consent-based processing of Personal Data, we shall ensuretoobtain Your consent prior to processing such Personal Data (e.g. via a boxtotick).

11. Contact us To exercise any of your rights listed in Section 9 ofthisPrivacy Policy, if you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy oraboutthe security measures we implement, or if you want to share your concernsaboutour processing of your Personal Data, please contact us by emailatinfo@LinkedIP.com.
You may also reach out to us via mail.

12. LinkedIP entities.LinkedIPLLC., a Florida corporation with offices at 2645 Executive Park Dr, Ste 319,Weston,FL 33331. 

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